Avoid Traveling Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expo Shows

Spa Brokers warns against buying from traveling spa expos

Consumer Alert:
What’s the scariest place to buy a hot tub or swim spa?
Answer: A traveling hot tub or swim spa expo.

Here’s Why: Hot tub and swim spa expos are typically advertised as “national events” and insinuate that all major manufactures are present. However, this is far from the truth. In reality, these expo events are set up quickly and run by high-pressure sales staff who leave town and disappear as soon as the event is over, never to be seen again. The high-pressure sales people will tell you whatever you want to hear because they will never see you again. They only get paid if they sell you something, and certainly are not looking out for your best interest.

At a traveling expo, the endless aisles are no place to make an informed decision about a relaxation investment of thousands of dollars to last for years to come. You need to make a wise decision. Usually the traveling show will only have one color available so you have to choose what they have. This is by design — they only sell one color so it’s easier for them to close you. We believe you should get exactly what you want when purchasing a hot tub that you will be enjoying in your space for years to come.

Don’t fall for the “this price is only good right now!”

The “expos” advertise 40-70 percent off, so you think you are getting a great deal. The truth is, at these shows you will pay more than you would from a local dealer. There is no way to compare prices since a hot tub is a “blind item” (meaning not many people know how much a spa should cost without shopping a few places) so you end up buying at whatever price the high-pressure sales person sells you at. Many people end up buying a $6000 hot tub for over $8000 because it’s a blind item and you think you got some great factory discount. Don’t be fooled! Take your time and make an educated decision.

Don’t be left without a local company to answer questions and provide service.

One of the main reasons to avoid the traveling expo is because when the event ends the expo leaves too, and often without a local showroom or anyone to answer questions, much less provide service after the sale. That’s no way to buy a hot tub or swim spa. The sales force will lie to you about service, and they rarely follow up!!!! They will tell you that they are local. They will tell you they provide service. They DON’T!

Check out the below other resources, and think twice about visiting traveling hot tub and swim spa expo shows. For great products, pricing, and customer service, contact Spa Brokers today! We have showrooms all over the Denver Metro Area for your convenience. We promise to take care of your needs and put your interest first!