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Alpha Wellness Sensations brings novelties and innovation in the relaxation field: steam bath, traditional and infrared sauna.

Innovation means accomplishing something new and transforming a vision into reality, and that is a distinguishing feature of the new brand Alpha Wellness Sensations. Our motto “Make a difference!” represents a clear distinction between conventional spa and wellness devices and our experience.


Quartz Full Spectrum infrared heater and longwave infrared heater in a single casing. The quartz heaters we use (similar to Philips Vitae) have many advanteges in comparison to the halogen heaters that are widely used by our competitors. Due to the fact that is 58cm long, there is a bigger surface of the human body that is irradiated by the infrared heaters. The back heater ensures a deep effect for the entire vertebral column. The intensity is higher because the heater is supplied with a low glare glass filter, while the halogen heaters are equipped with a red glass filter, and this glass diminishes the efficiency of the radiation.

A very trendy cabin with an exclusive interior finishing in MDF. Choose from 12 different colors and printed image on the side. For the interior finishing of the infrared cabin can be selected from cedar, aspen or hemlock. The banks are soft ayoushout. The LED light can be used for the atmosphere or color therapy. The booths are Available with or quartz-magnesium oxide. The radiators are finished with an aluminum frame with heatproof protective grids ..

Model: (1) 110x110x200 (2) 125x110x200 (3) 180x110x200cm


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Starting at: $11,154
Floor Model Sale $9,995

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Sizes vary by model number

Additional Specifications:

  • Interior finish in red cedar, hemlock or aspen wood
  • Outdoor finish MDF in any color with full color print
  • Quartz heaters in high-end aluminum casting with flocked grids
  • IQPC: IR Quartz Precision Control
  • Tinted glass door 1770×590, 8mm safety
  • Left Revolving door at no extra cost
  • LED RGB: lounge atmosphere
  • Seamless glass wall in transparent glass including door and hinges
  • LED starry sky:. 75 lights 2mm, 8 lights 6mm and remote control
  • iPod / MP3 connection incl. 2 speakers
  • Alpha Wellness Sensations spécialisés in customized and made-to-measure infrared saunas.
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  • Ergonomic backrests