1. What kind of requirements should I consider regarding installation?

Your hot tub needs to be placed on a reinforced cement pad or wood deck capable of supporting 100 lbs per square foot. Be sure to check your local codes and after installation, watch for any settling or erosion that could move the hot tub out of level.

2. Are Spas Hard to take care of?

No, not at all. Spa Brokers spas virtually maintain themselves. There is some minor maintenance needed, but you’ll spend far more time enjoying your spa than maintaining it.

3. How much does it cost to run a spa?

That depends slightly on the model, climate and usage. You can estimate the cost to run at $10 to $30 per month on average. The low operational costs are due to the extra steps Spa Brokers takes to ensure the highest quality, lowest maintenance, and most efficient spa on the market. The spas we sell are all well insulated. The adjustable straps and linear heat seal assure the cover is sealed and energy efficient. The high-output, low-amperage industrial duty pumps run cool and work smoothly to keep operational costs to a minimum.

4. I’ve heard of Ozonators to reduce maintenance. Do they really work?

Spa Brokers offers a water management system and a solid-state ozonator. Ozone is a natural and easy way to maintain your water, and reduce the amount of chemicals necessary to maintain sparkling clean water. Ozone burns up organics in your water thousands of times faster than sanitizer alone.

5. What is the Horse power of your pumps?

Spa Brokers does not measure the pump performance in horsepower. The true measure of a pump is in GPM or gallons per minute. Many consumers are misled by inaccurate or overrated pump performance. Don’t be fooled by the concept that bigger is better. The truth is bigger might be worse. The only way to be certain whether a pump’s performance is adequate for your needs is to get in and test soak.

6. What is the maximum temperature of a spa?

The maximum set temperature for any hot tub sold in the United States and Canada is 104°F. This has a variance of 3°F. Which means the hot tub cannot be set above 104°F but the temperature can fluctuate to as high as 107°F

7. Should I buy a spa on the internet?

Spas Brokers does the shopping for you. Buying online comes with many risks like, lower quality, made in China, delivery to driveway and getting poor service. Spa Brokers has the largest selection in Colorado and we only carry spas Made in the U.S.A. We believe in high quality at great prices! Spa Brokers is the number one dealer for Marquis Spas and Cal Spas in the country. We have strong buying power and we use those discounts and pass them to the end consumer. This allows us to ensure you receive the best possible product with the best possible service.

8. Are your spas made for the Colorado climate?

Spa Brokers spas are made for Colorado. For over 30 years we have sold spas in Colorado, selling the best quality spas available in today’s market. Our spas are built to last for years of virtually maintenance free and chemical free operation. Colorado’s harsh climate requires a well-insulated shell and maintenance free cabinetry. We are very proud to say we are the number one selling retailer of spas in Colorado year after year.

Metal rusted from salt water spa brokers


Salt Water For Hot Tub Sanitizing? Things to Know Before You Decide

Salt water systems are being promoted as the better way to keep hot tub water clean because allegedly:

  1. They require less work because it’s automated and “hands free”.
  2. They don’t depend on harsh chemicals like chlorine, bromine or spa shock
  3. They use an inexpensive salt like table salt instead of expensive hot tub chemicals
  4. They leave your skin feeling better because they don’t have harsh, traditional sanitizers
  5. They are environmentally friendly because they use fewer chemicals
  6. They use diamonds in the system to create powerful cleaners

However, these claims simply are not true. Click here for more information on the pitfalls of salt water spas, the maintenance, the high costs, and other issues.