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Buyers Guide


Here's a guide you can refer to know what to look for when buying a spa


When shopping for a new spa it’s important to find a quality spa made with quality materials. Many spas purchased off the internet are low to poor quality and as a consumer; it’s very hard to tell the difference on a website. Don’t get burned from an online source, go visit a spa store and see, touch, and feel the difference.

Ease of maintenance

New spas are much easier to take care of these days. There are lots of ways to have a clean and low-maintenance spa, but we believe in a low-cost/low-chemical solution. Many spa dealers will want to set you up in a costly program or tell you their spas are chemical-free. First off, let me explain there are no chemical-free systems. If there were, all dealers would have it. All spas need some type of sanitizer. We believe in a chemical-free soak so you’re not soaking in chemicals and we do it with state-of-the-art Ozone systems and minerals.

Low cost of ownership

An energy-efficient spa is a low-cost spa. We live in Colorado so be sure to find a spa that is made for our harsh winter environment.

A huge selection

When shopping for a new tub a huge selection and variety of brands helps you make a better decision for you and your family. With multiple manufacturers, you will see all price points and features. Most manufacturers have different feature sets so you can choose which options matter most to you.

Quality Dealership

Perhaps even more important than who makes the spa is who is providing customer care and after-sales support. Spa Broker’s has been in business for over 30 years providing Coloradoans with professional sales staff, service, and delivery. We pride ourselves on being rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Made in the USA

Is it important to you that we support manufacturing in the USA? It is to us! All the brands we carry are manufactured in the USA. There are many spas made in Asia and Mexico, as a matter of fact, the vast majority of manufacturers have moved their plants out of the country. American-made products matter because the quality and craftsmanship are far superior. The attention to detail and support of the product is much stronger. Check out our manufacturer online.