Alpha Sauna Infrared

Alpha Wellness Sensations brings innovation in the relaxation field: steam bath, traditional and infrared sauna.

Our Chaleur infrared cabins meet the highest quality expectations and are available in different dimensions and wood types: pine, cedar, cambara, hemlock, yellow pine, aspen and combinations of these types of wood. It is also possible the finishing in MDF or plasterboard. Double sided cab┬Čins in selected wood types like Canadian red cedar and northern European pine. Next to the different types of wood, these cabins are available with the most modern infrared heaters that guarantee a personalised infrared effect for the user. From long wave infrared radiation to quartz heaters with a selected quantity of short wave infrared radiation. Chaleur infrared cabins are operated by a new – – digital control unit, developed specially for Alpha Industries, with a dimmer function. With this control unit, you can switch the cabin on and off, set the temperature, switch the cabin light on and off, set the time and the intensity of the infrared rays in 4 steps, 25% each.